EPA to Host “Waters of the US Proposed Rule” Webcast

On Monday, April 7th, Nancy Stoner, Acting Assistant Administrator for EPA’s Office of Water and Donna Downing, Jurisdiction Team Leader for the Agency’s Wetlands Division, will discuss the proposed rule to clarify protections under the Clean Water Act.

DATE: Monday, April 7, 2014
TIME: 1:00-3:00PM (eastern)
REGISTER:  Register for the Webcast

This Webcast will provide a broad overview of the proposed rule and its costs and benefits.  The proposed rule clarifies protection for streams and wetlands. The proposed definitions of waters will apply to all Clean Water Act programs.  It does not protect any new types of waters that have not historically been covered under the Clean Water Act and is consistent with the Supreme Court’s more narrow reading of Clean Water Act jurisdiction.  Click here to access the proposed rule and read the actual language.