ASDWA-NEMA Webinar Discusses Collaboration

On April 8th, representatives from Iowa, Tennessee, and Texas offered insights into how their drinking water primacy and emergency management agencies worked collaboratively with respect to significant multiple flooding events; advance planning and exercising for a ‘New Madrid-like’ earthquake event; chronic, ongoing severe drought; and other disasters experienced in the state.  These diverse experiences showcased how state agencies are learning to partner and rely on each other’s strengths in times of crisis.  ASDWA joined with the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) and EPA’s Water Security Division to cohost this webinar for state drinking water programs, state emergency management agencies, EPA Headquarters and Regional staff, and WARN Chairs across the nation.  More than 100 individuals participated in this event.  You may view the 60 minute recorded webinar by going to the Security-Important Documents section of the ASDWA website at