New York Partners Create Children’s Activity Booklet on The Value of Water in Time for Water Week

Our colleagues at the New York Department of Health and their water community partners, known as the Water and Wastewater Education and Outreach Committee (WWEOC), have created and just released a Value of Water Activity Booklet for school children, which is now available for distribution.  This booklet builds on the success of their earlier consumer-focused brochure, “The Value of Water — What is it worth to you?” which has been widely distributed.
This year’s WWEOC effort takes another step in raising awareness of the value of water and the availability of careers within the water industry. The children’s activity book titled “The Value of Water: What’s it worth to you and your community?” is being disseminated to stakeholders in New York’s drinking water and wastewater community as well as to teachers and children in celebration of Water Week (May 4­10, 2014).
The booklet contains information about the history of water in Ancient Rome; the benefits of water services; water and wastewater fun facts; and information about careers in the water industry. There are also fun activities like a word search, crossword puzzle, and fill­in­the­blanks. Within the booklet, there is also a list of organizations that can provide more information and resources on topics related to drinking water and wastewater.
While this children’s activity booklet is New York-specific (see copy below), the information can easily be adapted to your state. For more information on WWEOC or the Value of Water brochure and Children’s Activity booklet, please visit .  You may also download the booklet from the DOH website at Just click on the link under “Information About the Quality of Your Drinking Water Supply.”
ATTACHMENT: Value of Water Childrens Booklet_Final_Web