EPA Webinar on DWSRF Set-Asides

As a part of EPA’s “Strengthening DWSRF Financial Integrity” webinar series, a webinar on  Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Funds (DWSRF) set-asides will be held, on Thursday, May 15th as follows:

Time:   2:00 PM-4:00 PM, Eastern Time

Presenters:  Laura Cossa, SRF Coordinator, EPA Region 5; Sabre Germano, SRF Coordinator, EPA Region 7


Questions:  Nick Chamberlain at chamberlain.nick@epa.gov

The webinar will include ideas about how states can creatively and effectively use the set-asides.  Presenters will go over the basics of each set-aside and showcase strategic methods of using these authorities in tandem with a state’s infrastructure loan program.
All managers and staff involved in DWSRF and PWSS operations in the states and EPA Regions are encouraged to attend.
Attachment — DWSRF Set-Asides Webinar Flyer
Attachment — Participant Guide