AWWA Updates its G300 Source Water Protection Standard

AWWA has released a new version, G300-14, of its Source Water Protection Standard.  This utility management standard describes critical elements for the effective protection of source waters.  Major revisions to this second edition of the standard include:

  • Clarification of certain concepts in the standard
  • Optional analysis plans have moved to the action plan section
  • Updated concepts and references with information available after 2007

Source water protection is a highly site-specific process that reflects the inherent diversity of natural waters and the areas from which they are derived.  Consequently, successful source water protection programs may vary widely in their details, but successful programs share several fundamental elements.  These elements form the basis of the source water protection standard.  Within this generalized framework, individual utilities may establish and maintain source water protection programs that account for their unique local conditions, incorporate the interests of local stakeholders, and reflect sustainable long-term commitments to the process by all parties.
To download the new G300-14 Standard, visit the AWWA web site, the cost is $41.00 for members and $66.00 for nonmembers.