Quarterly Highlights of the USGS Cooperative Water Program

USGS’s Cooperative Water Program conducts numerous activities and studies that provide valuable technical resources for state drinking water programs.  In their current “Highlights”, USGS covers water related topics from across the country.  There is information on real time monitoring for nitrate and other contaminants plus more data on nutrients and their impact.  Groundwater information includes saltwater intrusion, the impact of artificial recharge, groundwater contamination, and impacts of water withdrawal.  In addition, studies cover the result of energy development.  Look for reports from many states, including CA, PA, NY, NV, KS, MT, ID, WA, WY, MN and FL.
See the full list of highlights with direct links to specific projects and reports on Volume 8 of the USGS Cooperative Water Program Selected Quarterly Highlights, June 2014.