SDWIS Prime May 2014 Newsletter

EPA has just released the latest newsletter covering activities related to the development of the new drinking water data system — SDWIS Prime.  This issue explains the “conversion software” being developed to help states with implementation of the Revised Total Coliform Rule using the existing SDWIS/State software until states can move to SDWIS Prime.  There are also highlights from the recent Data Management Users Conference.  The regular Transition update covers the transition pilot, the configuration template for documenting the “as is” of current state products and tools, and data quality query tools to identify problem areas that may need attention before migration to Prime.   A lengthy article reveals how Prime will be rolled out in preproduction and staging environments and how EPA’s Central Data Exchange will be used to access these locations.  Finally, there is a review of EPA’s SharePoint site where information related to Prime development is shared.
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