Protect Your Groundwater Day is Coming Up on September 9th!

Protect Your Groundwater Day (PYGWD) is coming up on September 9, 2014. That’s still plenty of time to prepare to help raise public awareness about the importance of groundwater and water well stewardship for the health of the public and the environment.  Visit the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) web page to find useful, educational information to share through your web sites, social media, newsletters, news releases, and events.   Following are some resources from NGWA to help you promote this special day.

The Promotional Partners page  lists all the Federal, state and local organizations that have said “yes” to being a 2014 PYGWD promotional partner so far (including ASDWA). If you confirmed that you want to be a 2014 partner and are not yet listed — or if you wish to become a promotional partner, please contact Cliff Treyens of NGWA at or 614-898-7791.