FEMA Hosts Webinars on New National Protection Framework

Please mark your calendars for an upcoming virtual roundtable hosted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Office of Infrastructure Protection regarding the release of the National Protection Framework and Federal Interagency Operational Plans (FIOP) as well as the 2013 National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP 2013). All webinars will be open to the whole community.  You do not need to pre-register. These virtual roundtables will provide an overview on how to develop and implement protection plans under the guidance of the National Protection Framework and the NIPP 2013.

DATES:        August 26                                 September 2                               September 3

TIMES:        11AM-Noon (ET)                       11AM-Noon (ET)                           Noon-1:00PM (ET)

DIAL/PIN: 800-369-1725/5116984      800-369-1725/5116984           800-369-1725/5116984

LINK:             LINK                                             LINK                                                   LINK

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The National Protection Framework http://www.fema.gov/national-protection-framework-0 describes what the whole community should do to safeguard against acts of terrorism, natural disasters, and other threats or hazards. The whole community includes:  individuals (including those with disabilities and others with access and functional needs), businesses and nonprofits, faith-based and community groups, schools, and all levels of government. The Protection Framework also describes the core capabilities; roles and responsibilities; and coordinating structures that facilitate the protection of individuals, communities, and the Nation. This Framework is focused on actions to protect against the greatest risks in a manner that allows American interests, aspirations, and way of life to thrive.

Please direct any questions to the following address: PPD8-engagement@fema.dhs.gov.