Don’t Forget to Register for the Special Session on HACCP

Many states are struggling with Legionella outbreaks in facilities in their states and others are finding facilities that have installed treatment to avoid outbreaks. In either case, state drinking water programs are venturing into individual building water treatment processes, mostly new territory for them.  Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a control strategy for microbial contaminants, like Legionella, that is being recommended and adopted for building water systems in the US and around the world.  In the interest of giving state drinking water programs a better understanding of the actions of facility owners and operators and how this impacts their programs, ASDWA has arranged for NSF to present a customized version of their course on HACCP for Building Water Systems. 

The session will cover many topics that will give states information on HACCP and how water quality in buildings can be controlled, including:

  • Background on HACCP
  • Control measures for water quality in building water systems and the role of HACCP
  • Regulatory requirements, with a focus on the SDWA and consecutive systems
  • Challenges and solutions for building water systems
  • Possible development of an NSF standard

There is no additional fee for participation in the special HACCP session but a separate registration is required.  Be sure to check the box on your Annual Conference registration so we will know you are attending.  If you have already registered and decide you want to attend this session, please send an email to Anthony ( and he will add that note to our registration database.  Remember, all your ASDWA Annual Conference information is available on the ASDWA Conferences webpage.