NGWA Offers Short Course on Water Well Design for Drought/Climate Change

On December 12, 2014, the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) is offering a  four-hour short course that focuses on the unique challenges — and solutions — involved with the design, installation, and operation of water supply wells in areas affected by extended drought conditions and/or climatic change.

The course is designed for hydrogeologists, well drilling contractors, engineers, water system operators, managers, and others involved with the design, construction, and operation of water supply wells.​​​  While a general understanding of water wells may be helpful in attending the course, NGWA notes that advanced knowledge of hydrogeology or well drilling technology is not required.

Participants will learn about designing water wells in the near term to consider seasonal and annual water table fluctuations and over the long term to facilitate continued well performance under extremely different hydrogeologic conditions.  Discussions will also center around how to prevent water well failure as a result of land subsidence and how to anticipate or address groundwater quality issues related to changing groundwater levels.

Registration is open now.  The cost to attend is $225 for NGWA members through November 7 and $375 for nonmembers.  After that date, the cost is $325-members and $475-nonmembers.  The course will be offered at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort in Las Vegas, NV.

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