Federal Agencies Announce 5-Year Great Lakes Restoration Action Plan

This week, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy released a new Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) Action Plan at a meeting of the Great Lakes mayors in Chicago.  The plan summarizes the actions that federal agencies plan to implement during Fiscal Years 2015 through 2019 using GLRI funding.  They will build on restoration and protection work carried out under the first Action Plan, with a major focus on:

  • Cleaning up Great Lakes Areas of Concern;
  • Preventing and controlling invasive species;
  • Reducing nutrient runoff that contributes to harmful and nuisance algal blooms; and
  • Restoring habitat to protect native species.

To learn more about GLRI, visit: http://greatlakesrestoration.us/.  To learn more about the GLRI Action Plan, visit: www.glri.us/actionplan/.