Recordings of Past NCWS Webinars are now available on the ASDWA Web Site

Two recent EPA-hosted webinars on the topic of Non-Community Water Systems have now been posted on ASDWA’s web site. A short description of each follows:

May 5, 2014: “Non-Community Water System Webinar” — This webinar presents the findings and recommendations of the Non-Community Water System Workgroup, and includes a presentation by the state of Maine regarding their outreach program to NCWSs, and a presentation by the state of Ohio describing their enforcement and compliance program for NCWSs.

August 19, 2014: “Getting Non-Community Water Systems Ready for the Revised Total Coliform Rule” — This webinar includes the following presentations: Wisconsin’s plan to support non-community system compliance with the RTCR; RTCR implementation in New Hampshire; Utah’s “institutional grouping” approach for outreach to NCWSs (Forest Service facilities, versus churches, versus restaurants, etc.), as well as the state’s program of providing critical information to seasonal systems to make sure they properly understand and comply with start-up and other requirements; and an introduction to outreach materials being developed by EPA to assist states in preparing small water systems for their responsibilities under the RTCR.

You can access the recordings by clicking on the following link: