New Issue of USGS Geo-Health Newsletter

Periodically, USGS highlights their work in environmental health through their Geo-Health Newsletter.  The newsletter covers study reports and collaborations on topics ranging from natural disasters to wildlife impacts but many of the articles will be of interest to drinking water staff.

The most recent issue includes information on groundwater studies involving arsenic, remnants of a crude oil spill, and pesticides.  On the surface water side, USGS has addressed nutrients, insecticides, mercury, acid mine drainage, and mycotoxins (toxins produced by molds).  In addition, general environmental concerns covered in this issue include perchlorate and land-applied biosolids.  There is also a link to a newly updated list of USGS Health-Based Screening Levels which USGS uses to give some health based perspective to their data.  Please click this link Geo-Health Newsletter for all the details on these and other interesting topics.