AWWA’s Surface Water System Water Quality and Treatment Cost Survey Deadline is December 12th

Please help AWWA by encouraging the surface water systems in your state to complete their survey to assess the value of watershed protection as it relates to cost reductions in the treatment of drinking water by the December 12th deadline. The link between watershed condition and the cost of providing drinking water is made up of two relationships:

  1. that between watershed condition and the quality of water at the intake point, and
  2. that between water quality at the intake point and the cost of treating the water to potable standards.

A large number of survey responses is essential to helping AWWA and water utilities quantify the value of source water protection — as part of a multiple barrier approach to protect our drinking water and public health. If you have any questions, please contact Kami Johle Butt at or call 303-347-6234. Please share the following link with your water systems to complete by December 12th: Water Quality and Treatment Cost Survey.