National Event Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the SDWA

SDWAlogo - 2015 copyThe 40th anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act — December 16, 2014 — is just around the corner.  A national celebration of that event will take place On December 9, 2014, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.  The following is a link to an electronic invitation for this event: This event will livestreamed as well as recorded, for future reference.   Livestreaming of the event can be viewed through a special 40th anniversary portion of ASDWA’s website:  On the website, you’ll also find the following materials: 

  • A narrative history of our collective progress under the SDWA, from a state drinking water program perspective.
  • A customizable press release and Governor’s proclamation.
  • Information about a December 9th celebration of the 40th anniversary.
  • Testimonials from four state drinking water program administrators.
  • Other resources and links (including a link to EPA’s 40th anniversary web page and a special video developed by the Minnesota drinking water program).