Sustainable Water Management Article Published

An article authored by Tess Russo, Katherine Alfredo, and Joshua Fisher entitled, Sustainable Water Management in Urban, Agricultural, and Natural Systems, has been published in the MDPI Water Journal, 2014, 6, 3934-3956.  The Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI) web site is a platform for peer-reviewed, scientific open-access journals.  The objective of the article was to assess Sustainable Water Management (SWM) in urban, agricultural, and natural systems sectors. The article conclusions include:

  • Sustainable management plans should focus on continued improvements in stakeholder involvement and infrastructure in developing regions, and on water reclamation and reuse in developed regions.   Improvements to crop water productivity can benefit all sectors of these water users by reducing competition between the agricultural sector and urban and environmental users.
  • Decisions informed by the estimated value of ecosystem services may be used to set thresholds for environmental degradation, in the context of social and economic development goals.
  • SWM will vary with geography and economic capabilities, though all regions can manage water resources in a way that supports sustainable social, economic, and environmental development.

For more information and to read the article, visit the MDPI web site.