EPA’s CRWU Announces Climate Change Training Locations

EPA’s Climate Ready Water Utilities (CRWU) team has announced the locations and timeframes of their upcoming climate change trainings, as described below.

  • Utility Climate Training: EPA will holdfour two-day trainings to help water utilities conductlong range climate planning usingCRWU tools, including the new version 3.0 of the Climate Resilience and Evaluation Tool (CREAT).  The locations and dates are as follows:
    • Los Angeles, California (4/1-4/2/15)
    • Portland, Oregon (May/June)
    • Santa Fe, New Mexico (May/June)
    • Iowa (May/June)
  • Train-the-Trainer Workshops on Storm Surge: EPA is also planning to conductfour Train-the-Trainer Workshops for environmental trainers (including states) that will focus on storm surge impacts in the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts.  The locations and dates are as follows:
    • Houston/Galveston, Texas (June/July)
    • Mobile, Alabama (June/July)
    • Miami, Florida (June/July)
    • Suffolk, New York (June/July)

State drinking water programs will want to encourage their water systems to attend the utility trainings, and plan to attend either the utility trainings or the train-the-trainer workshops themselves.  Stay tuned for more information.