View EPA Arsenic and Biological Treatment Webinars Online at ASDWA

For a limited time, you may view the two most recent EPA ORD Small System webinar presentations on the topics of arsenic treatment technologies and on biological treatment, ammonia, and nitrates/nitrites.  Both are available on ASDWA’s Small Systems web page under “Webinars and Additional Resources.”
 Available until March 31, 2015:

  • Arsenic Treatment Technologies (January 27 2015):
    Presented by: Jamie Harris (EPA’s Office of Water) and Tom Sorg (EPA’s Office of Research and Development).  This presentation provides an overview of the wide varieties of challenges faced by small water systems to implement arsenic treatment, and the effectiveness of arsenic removal technologies and their cost.

Available until April 21, 2015:

  • Biological Treatment, Ammonia and Nitrates/Nitrites (February 24 2015):
    Presented by: Mike Muse (EPA’s Office of Water) and Darren Lytle (EPA’s Office of Research and Development).  This presentation discusses a biological treatment process for the removal of ammonia from small water systems, and showcases examples of alternative preventative methods to reduce nitrates/nitrites and costs.

You may view both presentations on the Small Systems’ page.