New USGS Video on the Nation’s Groundwater

A new USGS video is available online that describes the Quality of Our Nation’s Groundwater–An Invisible and Vital Resource.  The Water Environment Federation, the Northeast Midwest Institute, and the National Groundwater Association sponsored a Congressional briefing on March 6, 2015, on new U.S. Geological Survey findings about the quality of our Nation’s groundwater. Watch the video to learn more about the occurrence of contaminants in groundwater, how natural features and human activities can affect groundwater quality, and how models are being used to predict contaminant concentrations in unmonitored areas and inform water-resource management decisions.  The speakers include Michael J. Goff, President & CEO, Northeast Midwest Institute; Dr. P. Patrick Leahy, Executive Director, American Geosciences Institute; and Dr. Barbara Mahler, Research Hydrologist, USGS.
The video, national maps of groundwater quality, and USGS Circulars are available online at NAWQA Principal Aquifers Public Page.