Partnership for Safe Water Spring Newsletter

The Partnership for Safe Water has just distributed their Spring Newsletter to Partnership subscribers and others interested in water treatment and distribution system optimization.   The lead article highlights the 20th anniversary of the Partnership in 2015.  Six water organizations, including ASDWA, founded the Partnership for Safe Water in 1995.  Since that time, hundreds of water systems have successfully applied the Partnership’s self-assessment process and tools to realize improvements in water treatment plant and distribution system operation and water quality performance.  The anniversary will be celebrated at various events during the year, including AWWA’s ACE, which is also highlighted in the newsletter.
The newsletter includes information about the Partnership Annual Report which summarizes turbidity and disinfectant residual data submitted by both treatment plant and distribution system optimization program subscribers.  You can follow the link to the report to also see an overview of award winners and highlights the program’s 2014 accomplishments.  Finally, the newsletter provides information on the Water System Optimization Conference being held this October in Hershey, PA.  Information about subscribing to the newsletter and links to the Partnership web page help readers continue to keep up with the latest in Partnership activities.