Take the WWEMA Water Challenge

Our colleagues at the Water and Wastewater Equipment Managers Association (WWEMA) have issued a water challenge.  According to their website, the WWEMA Water Challenge is a fun way to show just how much we rely on clean, safe water in our everyday lives.
Between now and April 18, WWEMA is challenging federal, state, and local legislators, community leaders and concerned citizens to “turn off your tap” – whether literally or figuratively for a few hours or a few days – to discover what health, hygienic, and convenience challenges you face without easy access to water.  And, yes, toilets count, too. So do dishwashers, laundry, food prep … you get the idea!
WWEMA wants you to Tweet, post on Facebook, and otherwise share your experiences with the world. Their goal is 5,000 Tweets. So please be sure to use the #NoWater hashtag!  By taking the Challenge, you’ll help raise awareness of how much we all rely on water, and how important it is to ensure our communities have access to water now and into the future.  We need to invest now in water to protect our future…but because we tend to take water for granted, it can be hard to get support for adequate funding for this vital resource. Just because those pipes are underground, doesn’t mean we can afford to let them be “out of sight, out of mind”!
Thanks for taking the Challenge.  Check back here http://www.wwema.org/wwema_water_challenge.php throughout the next few weeks to monitor the Challenge’s progress. You just might see one of your Tweets quoted here!