National Drinking Water Week is Only One Month Away

On May 3-9, National Drinking Water Week (NDWW) will once again provide a great opportunity for state drinking water programs and water utilities to promote the value of drinking water.  Do you have events planned in your state for this special week?
What You Can Do:  For some inspiring ideas, along with a variety of outreach and educational materials to promote NDWW, ASDWA would like to share some of the ways that your fellow state drinking water programs and others have celebrated.  Some states issue Governor proclamations; post announcements on their web site and through social media; hold open houses at their offices with displays and exhibits; and synchronize the timing of ceremonies and press events with NDWW, including announcing drinking water system awards and/or releasing the state’s annual drinking water report.
Customizable Press Release and Governor’s Proclamation:  We have attached a sample press release and Governor’s proclamation to customize for use in your state.
State Examples:  To see some examples from other states, you may view:

Territory Example:  The American Samoa celebrates National Drinking Water Month in May (in conjunction with NDWW).  In 2013, the Governor signed a proclamation declaring the entire month of May (for 2013 and for every year after) to be “Drinking Water Month” in the American Samoa.  Activities have included educational outreach to high schools and some elementary schools to “Get Yo’ Drank On!” They have also held 30 minute TV talk shows to promote awareness about the different ways communities can protect their drinking water sources.
Water Utilities:  Your water utilities also provide a great avenue for promoting NDWW directly with their customers and community.  Please help them by getting them involved in your state-directed activities, and sharing some of the following resources with them as examples of what they can do.  The City of Evanston, Illinois provides a good example of a water utility that continues to promote National Drinking Water Week each year.  This year’s theme is “Drinkability – the ability to have clean, safe, reliable water whenever it is needed.”  Last year, they conducted a photo and coloring contest; a sunset paddle and water sports events; a rain barrel workshop, and more.  See Evanston’s web site at:
AWWA Resources:  The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has a web page that includes a history of NDWW, a web banner, and a list of celebration ideas.
EPA Resources:  For your reference, please also note EPA’s “Protect Your Drinking Water for Life” website for public education and outreach information on learning about drinking water; being conscientious of drinking water supply issues; and getting involved in local community efforts.  EPA’s website is located at:
Please Share with Us:  We hope this information is helpful for you.  Please let us know what you are planning in your state.  We would like to hear from you and get additional examples to share with other states.