Next Week is National Drinking Water Week

National Drinking Water Week (NDWW) is being celebrated next week from On May 3-9.  We wanted to share with you some more of the inspiring things that state drinking water programs have let us know they are doing next week, in addition to those we shared with you early last month.
Connecticut:  Connecticut’s Water Works Association will host its annual event where the Governor proclamation will be read and the state drinking water program will announce three Public Health Drinking Water Merit Awards:

  • An educational award to an individual who has made outstanding contributions;
  • A certified water system operator who exemplifies exceptional work practices; and
  • A small community public water system serving less than 1,000 people for outstanding water operations and administration.

In addition, they will provide three fifth graders with poster contest awards based on the theme, “Healthy Kids Drink Tap Water.”
New Hampshire:  Events happening next week in New Hampshire include the Drinking Water Festival and 4th Grade Water Science Fair, and the annual Drinking Water Source Protection Conference.

  • The festival and science fair is sponsored by the New Hampshire Drinking Water Coalition and is being held at the Manchester Water Works Facility. This year’s event will include about 400 fourth and third grade students and the winners of the science fair will be announced.
  • The source protection conference will share innovative water resources research, information on local protection projects, and training for municipal and water professionals.  It is designed for water industry professionals, land use planners, members of environmental and watershed organizations, conservation commission members, town selectmen, municipal staff and elected officials.

New York:  New York continues to undertake a variety of activities for NDWW and its “Value of Water” campaign.  This year, the state has added a reading list for elementary, middle school, and teen/adult children that was distributed by the New York Rural Water Association to the Directors of all the NY Public Library Systems in anticipation of water week.  View the water week reading list (attached) and contact Christine Vooris of New York at or 518-402-7650.
Arizona:  In addition to National Drinking Water Week Events, many states recently celebrated “Earth Day” events.  One example (that was provided in the Environmental Council of States (ECOSWIRE) newsletter on April 24th) noted that the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality put on a variety of “green” activities in honor of Earth Day, including water quality monitoring events for students, school environmental presentations, free electronic waste recycling events, and manpower for environmental fair booths throughout the state.  These activities serve as another example of what state drinking water program might do for NDWW and conversely, state drinking water programs can also get involved in and undertake Earth Day activities
Thanks for sharing and we hope you have a great week celebrating drinking water!
ATTACHMENT: Attachment – Water Week Reading List