EPA’s Water Security Division: What’s Going On?

Our colleagues at the Water Security Division have provided the following list of recently released tools designed to help the water community be better prepared, better able to respond, and better able to recover from emergencies of all descriptions.
Widgets Work for Water Preparedness:  Add the Utility Preparedness Widget to your site! Link your readers to preparedness tools, guidance and other resources.  Just copy and paste the following code into your Web page: HERE
Respond Smarter, Faster and On-The-Go!:  EPA’s new Water Utility Response On-The-Go mobile website lets users track and monitor severe weather, contact key response partners, review and complete incident action checklists, and more:
Free Climate Workshops for the Water Utility Sector:  Get hands-on training through EPA’s Climate Resilience Evaluation and Awareness Tool (CREAT) workshops to enhance your utility’s resilience to extreme weather and climate change:
Utilities and technical assistance providers can also register for EPA’s Coastal Resilience workshops:  https://www.thetestportal.com/coastalresilience
Strengthen Your Analytical Preparedness:  What if your drinking water was contaminated?  Is your analytical response plan ready?  Check out  the Water Laboratory Alliance Response Plan (WLA-RP) to enhance your laboratory preparedness for water contamination incidents: HERE
What’s Going On with Decon?  What are EPA and its partners doing to address decontamination efforts?  Get the latest update in Progress on Water Sector Decontamination Recommendations & Proposed Strategic Plan HERE