Numerous EPA Nominees Awaiting Senate Environment & Public Works Consideration

Ken Kopocis (Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator for EPA’s Office of Water) and Janet McCabe (Acting Assistant Administrator in the Agency’s Office of Air and Radiation) have both been renominated by the Obama Administration to become the Assistant Administrators in their respective offices.

Nominations for senior EPA positions must first be approved by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee before formal confirmation from the full Senate can occur.  It’s unclear, given competing priorities, whether the Committee will take action in the near future.  Kopocis has been waiting for Senate confirmation since 2011.  Kopocis’ work history includes extensive experience with Clean Water Act jurisdiction issues.  He served as Congressional Staff for more than 25 years and held several senior staff positions on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee during many of the earlier Clean Water Act jurisdiction disputes.

Five other EPA nominees are also waiting for Committee approval:  Ann Dunkin as Assistant Administrator of the Office of Environmental Information; Thomas Burke to be Assistant Administrator for the Office of Research and Development; Jane Nishida to become Assistant Administrator of the Office of International and Tribal Affairs; Stan Meiburg to be Deputy Administrator; and Karl Brooks to be Assistant Administrator for the Office of Administration and Resources Management.