EPA Launches New Websites to Support Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule & Exchange Network Grant Programs

EPA has published two new websites to support both the Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule (CROMERR) program and the Exchange Network grant program. Both sites conform to the look and feel of epa.gov, which features improved search functionality and layouts that are easier to navigate. They also contain enhanced content that reflects recent program improvements and initiatives.  The CROMERR website, www2.epa.gov/cromerr, offers new technical assistance tools to better support customers, such as:

  • A help desk for technical guidance;
  • New application templates for off-the-shelf solutions; and
  • Online application forms.

Data visualizations also display the status of CROMERR applications received from States.  EPA’s new Exchange Network grant program website, www2.epa.gov/exchangenetwork, will host all EPA-owned documents and information related to the EN grant program.

Please update any bookmarks to the new URLs: www2.epa.gov/cromerr and www2.epa.gov/exchangenetwork.