EPA’s Climate Ready Water Utility News

CREAT Water Utility Videos and Information:  EPA’s Climate Ready Water Utilities Program partnered with and assisted over 20 communities this year as they completed their first climate risk assessment using EPA’s Climate Evaluation and Awareness Tool (CREAT). Watch how the following community drinking water and wastewater utilities are responding to extreme events and planning for their climate futures:

For more information about CREAT, visit the EPA Climate Ready Water Utilities website.

Updated Scenario-Based Projected Changes Map:  Click here and scroll down to find a point on the map showing temperature, sea-level rise, precipitation, hot day and storm intensity projected climate changes for 2035 and 2060 through EPA’s CREAT tool.  EPA recently updated these projections based on information from the 2014 National Climate Assessment.  The number of hot days (temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit) per year was also added.

Storm Surge and Hurricane Strike Frequency Map:  Visit EPA’s Storm Surge Inundation and Hurricane Strike Frequency Map for easy access to critical flood-related information about your location, including: historical hurricane strike frequency, 100 and 500 year storm FEMA flood plains, and worst-case storm surge inundation.  With hurricane season in full swing, it serves as an important reminder of the dangers of flood damage from storm surge and extreme precipitation events.  Use this tool to help identify which of your assets may be vulnerable to inundation.