Senate Joins House in Passing Cyanotoxins Legislation

On Tuesday, the Senate approved HR 212, the Drinking Water Protection Act.  Originally introduced and passed in the House last February, the bill amends the SDWA to provide for risk assessment and management for cyanotoxins in drinking water and calls for EPA to develop a strategic plan to assess and manage risks associated with cyanotoxins in drinking water provided by public water systems.  The plan shall evaluate human health risks; publish and update a comprehensive list of cyanotoxins known to be harmful to human health; summarize known adverse human health effects and factors that cause cyanobacteria to proliferate and express toxins; determine whether to publish health advisories, establish guidance for feasible analytical methods, for monitoring frequency, and for feasible treatment options; and enter into cooperative agreements with, and provide technical assistance to, affected states and public water systems.  However, no funds are authorized to carry out these requirements.