The Source Water Collaborative Has a New Website and Twitter Presence

The National Source Water Collaborative (SWC) has a new web site and twitter account.  The site now has a more up-to-date look and feel and organizes resources by topic area.  The web site also now includes a Twitter widget to enhance the SWC’s presence on social media.  Please check out the new web site and follow the SWC on Twitter @SourceWaterCol to help get the word out about the Collaborative and drive source water protection actions at the state and local levels.  Find resources on the home page of the site by clicking “Act Now.”  From there you can get information on:

  • Assessing and Protecting Sources of Drinking Water
  • Connecting with Others
  • Responding to Emergencies

You can also see the list of potential actions under the “Call to Action” tab on the web site that includes actions and resources for all partners to take and use to further the cause.  Check it out now at