More on the Colorado Spill Aftermath

The good news is that both Utah and New Mexico have dropped water restrictions as a result of the Gold King Mine spill on August 5th.  On August 14th, Utah lifted advisories for crop irrigation and livestock watering from the San Juan River.  However, recreational users are still advised to carry their own drinking water – filtering or purifying river water is not recommended.  New Mexico officials lifted drinking water use restrictions along the Animas and San Juan Rivers as of August 15th.  The rivers are also open now for recreational use but contact with sediment is to be avoided and only “catch and release” fishing should be used until further aquatic life impacts can be determined.  Meanwhile, the Navajo Nation continues its ban for both agricultural and recreational uses of the San Juan that stretches for 215 miles between New Mexico and Utah.  Finally, EPA’s Inspector General announced on Monday that they will begin an investigation into the Agency’s role in triggering the spill near Silverton, Colorado.