New from the Water Security Division

Our colleagues in EPA’s Water Security Division are showcasing the following available tools and resources that may be new to state drinking water programs:

  • Incident Action Checklists for Drought and Wildfires:  Designed for all sizes and types of water utilities, these checklists can be especially helpful for smaller water systems that may not have considered all of the available planning tools and possible impacts to their community from drought or wildfire scenarios.  In addition to action checklists, these documents also include numerous resource links to help utilities be better prepared – or, if the worst should happen — know who to call and where to go for support and assistance.  Click the links below to see the checklists:
  • Distribution System Monitoring and Response:  EPA’s Water Quality Surveillance and Response System (SRS) Primer explains how a water quality SRS can help utilities with monitoring and managing water quality in the distribution system. This Primer provides basic information about the design and objectives of an SRS and describes how using an SRS can provide a framework for detecting and responding to water quality incidents in a drinking water distribution system.  For more information, click: