AWRA Webinar Features Public-Private Water Quality Program in Delaware River Watershed

The American Water Resources Association (AWRA) held a webinar this week about a “Unique Program to Drive Water Quality in the Delaware River Watershed.”  During the webinar, Carol Collier (formerly with the Delaware River Basin Commission) and Stefanie Kroll of Drexel University presented information about the Delaware River Watershed Initiative.  The William Penn Foundation launched the initiative to drive measurable improvement in the quality of the Delaware watershed and ensure a sustainable supply of clean water for ecological health and human consumption, enjoyment, and economic opportunity.  The initiative includes more than 50 public and private partners that leverage funding and resources to target restoration and protection best practices in areas of the watershed with the best potential for measureable results.  The initiative supports science based research, data gathering and analysis, and advocacy focusing on four priority stressors: loss of forested headwaters, stormwater, agricultural run-off, and depletion of underground water supply.  For more information, visit the web site at: