Texas Desalination Association Conference Presentations Available Online

The Texas Desalination Association recently held their conference and covered many desalination and water supply issues, not just for Texas but with applicability all across the country.  With “fresh” water resources dwindling in many places, salty or brackish water will be ever more important as a drinking water source.  In this conference, the Association featured many talks that will be of interest to any state considering desalination for its water systems.  Some of the highlights from over 20 presentations include:

  • Tampa Bay Desalination Plant – 7 years of O&M
  • Dispelling the Myths of Seawater Desalination
  • Desalination with High Brackish High Recovery Hybrid Reverse Osmosis System
  • Mitigating the Effects of Saltwater Intrusion
  • Qualitative Comparison of Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration for Treating Brackish Groundwater in Texas
  • Advancing the Use and Regulation of Brackish Groundwater

Please visit the Texas Desalination Association conference website for slide decks and recordings of all the technical session.