December 16th Webinar on Use of Real-Time HABs Sensors for Drinking Water Treatment

On Wednesday, December 16th, from 11:00am -12:00 pm (ET), LimnoTech will host a free webinar to discuss how HAB sensors are used in drinking water treatment plants across Ohio to monitor for the presence and abundance of cyanobacteria in source and raw water. This session is intended to provide insights into the equipment needed; approximate costs; discuss how operators use data from the sensors in real-time; and how the sensors might help minimize treatment and monitoring costs. Presentations will be given by Brenda Snyder from the University of Toledo, Ed Verhamme of LimnoTech and Paul Nieberding of Fondriest Environmental.

Register for the webinar HERE.  You must pre-register for the webinar and attendance is limited, so please sign-up as soon as possible to ensure participation.