EPA’s Water/Wastewater All-Hazards Boot Camp Training

EPA has released a new Water/Wastewater All-Hazards Boot Camp Training, a computer-based training for water and wastewater utilities that focuses on emergency planning, response, and recovery activities and how they’re incorporated into a comprehensive all-hazard management program.  The interactive training includes testimonials from water utility professionals, as well as links to helpful tools and resources to give utilities a head start on building resilience to all hazards.  Many states have already pre-approved the course for continuing education hours for both water and wastewater personnel.

Download the training here:  http://www2.epa.gov/waterresiliencetraining/waterwastewater-utility-all-hazards-bootcamp-training

Along with the Boot Camp Training, water utilities may also want to review EPA’s Don’t Get Soaked YouTube Video.  This video educates drinking water and wastewater utility managers, board members, and elected and appointed officials on the benefits of investing in preparedness, response and recovery activities.  The Boot Camp Training and other training resources from EPA (i.e., ICS/NIMS training webinars, tabletop exercises) can be accessed on EPA’s Water Resilience Training page.