AWWA Invites Small & Rural Utilities to Participate in the Compensation Survey

The annual AWWA Water and Wastewater Utility Compensation Survey is a useful tool for making sure that water systems are doing everything they can to find and keep the best people.  More than just a salary survey, the report offers detail on the total compensation of utility employees, from operators to superintendents—from salary to health care and retirement benefits to training opportunities.

This year, AWWA is extending a special invitation to small and rural drinking water systems.  AWWA understands that these utilities “grapple with operator recruitment and retention more than larger utilities; joining a small utility, getting certified (or moving up a level) and heading off to a better-paying job at a larger utility is practically SOP for operators in some places.  The people who run small and rural systems, especially, need to know how their compensation stacks up in order to hold on to the people they’ve trained.

Please share this invitation with small and rural systems in your state.  Water systems who want to receive an invitation to the survey (it’s personalized, so there’s no general link for it) can email