New Rate Setting Discussion Opportunity

The Environmental Finance Center at UNC-Chapel Hill is hosting an “Ask the Expert” online discussion on March 22nd.  This online forum will provide individuals with a unique opportunity to ask any and all questions regarding rate setting and fiscal planning.

“Ask the Expert:  Advice for Setting Your Rates” hopes to answer some of your questions about appropriate changes to water system rate structure, such as where/how to begin thinking about effective rates; does a system’s current structure really meet the system’s needs; or what options are out there that might work better?

DATE:          Tuesday, March 22, 2016
TIME:           2:00-3:00PM (eastern)

Register today for this no cost informative discussion opportunity.  Shadi Eskaf and Glenn Barnes from the Environmental Finance Center at The University of North Carolina will be on hand to answer your questions.  Both have extensive experience helping small water systems with their rates.