EPA Releases Report on the Environment

EPA recently released its latest Report on the Environment (ROE).  The ROE is an interactive resource that shows how the condition of the environment and human health in the United States is changing over time.  It was last released in 2008 as a hard copy report and a searchable online database.  The 2015 version is entirely web-based; the online format is more interactive and accessible than before.  Targeted for anyone interested in environmental trends, the ROE presents the best available indicators of national trends in five theme areas of interest to EPA: Air, Water, Land, Human Exposure and Health, and Ecological Condition.  EPA selected the 85 ROE indicators to address 23 questions within these five theme areas that are critical to EPA’s mission of protecting the environment and human health.  The ROE is a dynamic resource.  EPA updates the ROE indicators on a rolling basis to provide the latest available data and adds new indicators when relevant.  Use the multi-colored navigation bar at the top of every ROE Web page to explore the ROE themes, the associated questions, and the indicators that help answer these questions.

In addition to the hot links imbedded in this article, a fact sheet is attached with more explanation about the ROE and a link to the main web site.

Attachment — ROE Factsheet_07-17-15_not508c