Planning Tools for Community Resiliency

All communities, regardless of size, need to plan for the future.  Everyone has had some level of experience with severe floods, ice storms, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, or other weather related crises and should be looking ahead to have plans in place to respond and recover.

Our colleagues at the Environmental Finance Center Network, in collaboration with AWWA, are hosting a webinar titled “Using Future Scenarios to Identify Risk and Test Resiliency.”

DATE:          Wednesday, April 13, 2016
TIME:           2:00-3:00PM (eastern)

Two tools will be presented during the webinar.  The first, PESTEL, stands for Political, Environmental, Social, Technological, Economic, and Legal/Regulatory, and is a scenario planning tool guide.  By incorporating the elements of PESTEL, we are reminded to look beyond just the environmental impacts of climate change and incorporate a systemic approach to long term resiliency.  Wind Tunnel, the second tool, tests system operations (both internal and external) against various future scenarios developed through the PESTEL.

Please share this webinar opportunity with your colleagues and with water systems.  As with all of these EPA supported events, there is no cost to participate, but you must register in advance.