Partnership for Safe Water April 2016 Newsletter

The Partnership for Safe Water has just published their 2016 Spring newsletter which includes information on Partnership activities.  The items highlighted in the newsletter have recently been published on the Partnership’s website.  This issue explores the benefits of the distribution system optimization program for situations like those in Flint, MI.  The newsletter covers the 2016 Annual Data Summary Report. This report provides a performance summary of the Partnership’s treatment plant and distribution system optimization programs and features utility and program highlights from 2015 – the Partnership for Safe Water’s 20th Anniversary year. Also, a new resource reviewed in the newsletter will help water systems get started with the distribution system optimization program.  Finally, this edition previews Partnership activities at ACE 2016.

Please see the complete newsletter here or visit the Partnership website for additional Partnership news.  The Partnership for Safe Water is an alliance of six prestigious drinking water organizations, including ASDWA. The Partnership’s mission is to improve the quality of water delivered to customers by optimizing water system operations.  The Partnership offers self-assessment and optimization programs so that operators, managers and administrators have the tools to improve performance above and beyond even proposed regulatory levels.