Water Sciences & Technology Board to Discuss Flint

Among an interesting array of discussion topics, the April 19-20 meeting of the Water Sciences & Technology Board will spend some time with VA Tech environmental engineer Marc Edwards to discuss lead in drinking water risks.  This discussion, as well as other elements of the meeting, will be available via webcast.  Unfortunately, in person attendance for the first day sessions is no longer available.

DATES:           April 19-20, 2016
TIMES:         8:30-4:30 (April 19) and 10:00-2:00 (April 20)
REGISTER:   To attend via webcast.

Beyond the discussion of lead risks on the first morning, other topics include a panel to look at other drinking water risks (Mark LeChevallier – American Water, George Hawkins – DC Water, and Peter Grevatt – EPA OGWDW) as well studies looking at tile drainage impacts in agriculture, greywater and stormwater as alternate supply sources, Everglades restoration, and conservation measures for the Edwards Aquifer.  Here is the link to the agenda.