AWWA Seminar on Lead Service Line Replacement

On May 3, 2016, AWWA is convening an in-person seminar in Washington, D.C. (at the National Press Club) entitled, Lead Service Line Replacement:  Vital Tips from Leading Utility Managers.  The ongoing incident in Flint, Michigan has made lead in drinking water a topic of household conversation and a threat to consumer confidence. AWWA’s board has recommended that communities remove all lead service lines over time, recognizing a shared responsibility among utilities, customers and government.

At the seminar, several of AWWA’s leaders will showcase effective lead service line replacement programs, discussing finding lead service lines, financing lead service line replacements, finalizing a replacement plan, framing lead issues through a communication strategy, and follow-up.  They will discuss how a collaborative approach among utilities, customers, government and other stakeholders is key to replacement plans. They will also address the critical issue of affordability for low-income customers.  This is a complimentary seminar with limited seats.  You may register at the following site: