Senate Democrats Introduce Comprehensive Lead & Infrastructure Improvements Measure

On April 20th, Senate Democrats introduced the TRUE LEADership Act (Testing, Removal and Updated Evaluations of Lead Everywhere in America for Dramatic Enhancements that Restore Safety to Homes, Infrastructure and Pipes Act) of 2016.  The as yet unnumbered bill takes a comprehensive approach to finding ways to improve funding for water infrastructure in general and reducing lead in drinking water more specifically.  In quick summary, the bill would significantly increase funding authorizations for both the DWSRF and CWSRF; permanently authorize WIFIA; codify AIS requirements; and remove the cap on private activity bonds.

In looking at lead, the bill creates a grant program to fund projects to reduce lead in tap water through service line replacement, enhanced corrosion control, direct assistance to low income households with lead service lines, fixtures, or pipes, and consumer education.  The measure also speaks to mandatory reporting requirements for elevated blood lead levels, mandatory testing under the LCR, enhanced public notification and electronic accounting and reporting requirements for lead and other contaminants.  A Section-by-Section analysis of the bill is attached for your use and reference.  The bill itself is not yet available online via

Attachment — True LEADership Act Sec-by-Sec