Data Management Users Conference a Success

ASDWA, in cooperation with EPA, hosted another successful Data Management Users Conference (DMUC) in Minneapolis, MN this week.  Over 130 representatives from 44 states, EPA Regions, EPA-HQ, and support contractors were there to learn the latest news and exchange ideas on drinking water data management.  In addition, about 40 people viewed parts of the DMUC remotely through live webinars.

Those who attended were able to learn more about the Compliance Monitoring Data Portal (CMDP) which is now in pilot testing.  An informal poll of attendees indicated many state programs are interested in adopting this electronic reporting tool when it is ready.  States involved in the pilot, and other states already with electronic reporting, provided advice on launching such a program.  In addition to the CMDP, those attending the meeting got a preview of SDWIS Prime through prototype screens that were shared during formal presentations and more informal demos during breaks and other times when the conference was not in session.  Again, attendees seemed to have generally positive reactions to what they saw.

Rule implementation was also a major topic for the conference, starting with a special Monday training session on the Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR).  During the DMUC itself, the audience heard about the soon to be released RTCR Data Entry Instructions (DEI) and had an opportunity to discuss issues related to RTCR tracking and reporting.  Similarly, the reporting and data sharing challenges for the Lead and Copper Rule were also discussed by the group.

Attendees also heard about many changes happening at EPA for how data is processed, how data quality is examined, and how states and others can access drinking water data.  In addition to the changes at EPA, there was also a preview of changes to ASDWA’s website.   States also learned how they can take advantage of contracts EPA has in place for support of existing data systems and future migration to SDWIS Prime.

Materials from the conference will be posted on ASDWA’s website later in the month, including recordings of the webinars.  A location for next year’s DMUC has not been selected, but hopefully it will be soon, and a save-the-date announcement will be made.