Farm and Dairy Article on Water Quality Training for Ohio Farmers

Farm and Dairy has published an article entitled More than 10,000 Ohio farmers have received water quality trainingThe article highlights water quality training efforts for Ohio Farmers through the Ohio State University Extension as part of the Fertilizer Applicator Certification Training (FACT) program.  FACT allows farmers and commercial fertilizer applicators to meet the educational requirements of Ohio’s new agricultural fertilization law.  The law was passed in 2014 and requires individuals who apply fertilizer to more than 50 acres to become certified by September 30, 2017.  To date, more than 10,000 farmers have participated in the training, and the goal is to reach approximately 25,000.  The training includes best practices for farmers to apply fertilizer for optimum crop yield, reduce the risk of nutrient runoff, and improve water quality (and drinking water sources) throughout the state; and provides information on the link between phosphorus, harmful algal blooms, and agriculture, as well as soil testing for confidence and adaptive management.