Michigan DEQ Office of Great Lakes Publishes First Part of State Water Strategy

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) Office of the Great Lakes has published the first part of Michigan’s Water Strategy, a 30-year plan to protect, manage and enhance state’s water resources.  The Strategy is focused on wise use of Michigan’s waters to ensure healthy citizens, vibrant communities, sustainable economies, and stewardship of the state’s water heritage.  It was developed through a collaborative stakeholder process and highlights key actions for government, tribal governments, nongovernmental organizations, industry, academia, local communities and individuals.  Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s five top priorities for the Strategy are:

  • Ensuring safe drinking water for all Michiganders;
  • Achieving a 40% phosphorous reduction in the Western Lake Erie basin;
  • Preventing the introduction of new invasive species;
  • Supporting investments in commercial and recreational harbors; and
  • Developing and implementing Michigan’s water trails system.

This first part of the Strategy was released during a celebration of the annual Great Lakes and Freshwater Week that promotes water education, stewardship and water recreation.  Other parts of the Strategy will be released over the course of the next few months at additional events around the state.  Read Part I of the Strategy and follow its implementation and progress at www.michigan.gov/waterstrategy.  Information about Great Lakes and Freshwater Week events can be found at http://semcog.org/What-You-Can-Do/To-Protect-Our-Waterways/Water-Week.