EPA Postpones Budget Decisions Until After Election

Usually by this time of year, EPA would be deeply engaged in serious discussions on what should be included in the next fiscal year’s budget request.  This is not a typical year.  The Agency’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer has said that discussions and decisions about an FY 18 budget request will be postponed until after the November presidential election.  Despite this meaning that next spring the Agency will be formulating two budgets at the same time (a delayed FY 18 proposal and preliminary discussions on FY 19), the decision has been made to wait.
Adding another layer of complexity is the fact that none of the FY 17 appropriations have passed both House and Senate and been sent to the President for signature.  At this stage, it’s looking more and more like there will be multiple continuing resolutions to fund EPA for the coming fiscal year at FY 16 levels.