FY 2015 National Water Program Performance, Trends, and Best Practices Report

EPA recently published this report which includes final FY 2015 performance data for all Agency National Water Program measures included in EPA’s 2014-2018 Strategic Plan and the FY 2015 National Water Program Guidance Addendum.  Among the key highlights, relative to drinking water are the following:

  • 90% of community water systems met all applicable health-based standards through approaches that include effective treatment and source water protection.
  • 9 % (versus a commitment of 95%) of “Person-Months” (i.e. all persons served by community water systems times 12 months), during which community water systems provided drinking water, met all applicable health-based drinking water standards.
  • 94% of the cumulative amount of Drinking Water State Revolving Funds available had loan agreements in place (commitment 89%).
  • The cumulative number of Drinking Water State Revolving Fund projects that have initiated operations increased to 8,625 (previous commitment was 8,251).

The report may be accessed via the following link.