New Release – Updated Online Version of EPA’s CREAT Tool for Water Utility Climate Resilience

creat toolEPA has just released an updated version of its Climate Resilience Evaluation and Awareness Tool (CREAT).  Now web-based, CREAT is designed for the use of drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities and promotes a clear understanding of the climate science and pertinent adaptation options by translating current and complex climate projection data into a series of intuitive modules.  CREAT now provides monetized risk results, which promotes a common and mutual understanding of climate change impacts. With this powerful information, utility owners and operators can make advancements to curtail the impacts of climate change, particularly by implementing no regrets adaption options, those that provide benefits regardless of future climate conditions.  This tool was developed in consultation with drinking water and wastewater utilities, as well as water sector associations, climate science and risk assessment subject matter experts, and multiple Federal partners. Click the following links to see how CREAT has benefited utilities such as Camden, New Jersey and Faribault, Minnesota.
This fall, CRWU will host a series of webinars to introduce 2.0 users to the many updates included in CREAT 3.0, so stay tuned.  For more information and to use CREAT, visit EPA’s Climate Ready Water Utilities website.